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  • Non-Financial Asset Overview, Characteristics, Types

    Content Tips for Categorizing Your Property Office Equipment on Classified Balance Sheet Real Property vs. Personal Property: Why The Difference Matters Non-physical assets Examples of Assets With electronic banking, it can seem trickier to sort physical and non-physical assets, but once you understand what makes an asset intangible, you’ll see the differences between the two. […]

  • How do changes in prepaid expenses impact cash flow?

    Content What Is a Prepaid Expense? Retainer for Legal Services Prepaid Expenses Video What are Prepaid Expenses in Accounting? Paying Certain Operating Costs before They Are Recorded as Expenses Filing Taxes for a Small Business With No Income: What You Should Know Understanding how actually work can help you record and calculate them accurately […]

  • Financial Reports vs Management Reports: Whats the Difference?

    Content Why Your Business Needs Both Financial and Management Reports What is Management Reporting? Different Types of Financial Report… Work in Process Business is Our Business These reports are for areas or departments of the organization and not the whole company. Analyzing the data from these reports are very useful for managers who direct, plan […]

  • karser EasyQuickImport: EasyQuickImport Import transactions, invoices and bills into QuickBooks Desktop from Excel or CSV

    Content Donor Statements – QB Desktop Importing Bank Transactions from Excel / CSV to QuickBooks Desktop Accountant or Enterprise QuickBooks: How to Change Inventory to Non-Inventory Confirm That QuickBooks Will Import Transactions START USING BUSINESS IMPORTER NOW! Update to New Built-in Browser for Quickbooks Desktop or our TransImporterQO© for QuickBooks Online. Copy and Paste List Data […]

  • Impairment Loss Reversals

    Content Articles Amendments Under Consideration By The Iasb Efrag Draft Comment Letter On Transfers Of Investment Property Explore More Articles What Is The Gross Carrying Amount Of An Asset? How To Calculate Accumulated Depreciation? Explained If your recoverable amount is $80 and your carrying value is $200, the asset impairment amount is $120. First, it […]

  • Investment Banking Interview Questions That Get You 95% Covered

    Content How To Answer What Is Net Working Capital? Wall Streets Hottest Commodity: College Grads With Excel Skills Get Instant, Ai Powered Feedback When Your Practice Questions Via Video Mergers & Acquisitions M&a Get The Ultimate Investment Banking Interview Guide: the Red Book Category: Interviewing Scouring the bowels of the Internet for other research, we […]