15 Best Affiliate & Referral Tracking Software 2022

What sets Purply apart from other affiliate management software is our commitment to growth. Through our daily reports, we arm your business with the best possible opportunities to seize this growth. Pabbly Subscription is a complete solution for online businesses which handles the frenetic management work of billing and transactions.

affiliate management platform

Cut through the clutter and complexity of bulky tools with a simple, affordable platform made for you. In traditional marketing pipelines, like cold calling or social media advertising, you’re paying to put your brand out there. While you can target specific people based on demographics and interest, more often than not, you’re still paying per view.

You’ve taken the first step towards scaling your business to the next level by partnering with affiliates. This is the basic working of Pabbly Subscriptions, now to grow the business the merchant will find the option of affiliate management in the Pabbly Subscriptions account. The software rewards partners based on specific activities or through an incentive program.

You can host your own affiliate program, automate your marketing campaigns to reduce workload, and simplify the commission payment process by connecting it with PayPal or Stripe. If you’re looking for the best affiliate tracking software, I have put together a list of 15 that are currently trending in the market. It offers extensive tracking and reporting features that allow brands to monitor and optimize their promotional campaigns. It also doesn’t feature any pre-made promotional tools for marketers, which doesn’t make it quite suitable for novice users just starting out with their affiliate programs.

Affiliate Pro

In which your affiliate partner will add a preferred Payment option depending upon the settings made by Merchant. Pay Now – If you manually want to pay the commission to your affiliate partner then you can use this action. When you apply this action then the commission amount will be automatically deducted from your PayPal account and delivered to the chosen payment option of the affiliate partner. In this section, you can manage the affiliate commission payouts easily. Then just save the changes and you have completed the basic setup of the affiliate management system.

affiliate management platform

The former starts with $49/month and ‘Big Traffic Pricing’ is from $149/month. The focus of Impact is to provide automation for the full partnership lifecycle. This includes influencer, affiliate marketing, and channel sales management. It covers measurement and attribution as well as affiliate fraud detection. One advantage is the platform’s ability to recruit new affiliates. Recruiting promising affiliates has a major impact on the success of affiliate programs.

The best affiliate marketing software for brands

In affiliate management, you function much like a liaison between your company and your affiliates. Your key responsibility is to keep your affiliate marketing channel or channels running smoothly, and generate incremental revenue for your business over the long term. Scaleo offers a simple and easy affiliate management solution to https://xcritical.com/ track, analyze, and optimize your affiliate business. The solution can be applied effectively for affiliate networks as well as advertisers and media buyers. Scaleo’s usability is enhanced by its AI-based back-end and interface. Our top 12 list will help you narrow down the most ideal affiliate management software for your needs.

affiliate management platform

Automatically reward affiliate partners with commission bonuses when they reach sales milestones. Voluum offers multiple pricing plans which depend on the features and events . The Discover plan starts with $49/month, billed annually, and includes up to 1,000,000 events. You may choose up to three different pricing plans – Pro, Ultimate, and Network. The pricing starts at $97/month, and the main difference among subscription levels is the number of tracking requests per month.

It is a powerful affiliate software platform bringing casino and betting operators advanced solutions for creating, running and tracking multi-brand affiliate marketing campaigns. The Vene Dash platform is another performance marketing system created for advertisers, networks, publishers, agencies, and content providers. You can manage offers and improve performance with streamlined workflow processes. Even if you have a small business, you can scale your services with intelligent smartlinks, URL checkers, and billing tools. Notably, one trait that makes CAKE one of the best affiliate software providers is its live reporting and digital tracking capability. That makes it easy to follow affiliate and campaign performance in real time, making adjustments on the go to increase ROI.

What is affiliate management?

Instead, they manage affiliates for many companies at once – and it works to their advantage when affiliates divide their time between brands. So, an affiliate network won’t be invested in helping your brand build close relationships with affiliates. TUNE was one of the first cloud-based SaaS platforms developed to support affiliate marketing early in 2009. Over the years, the software has developed into a full-fledged partner marketing solution, servicing the likes of Personal Capital, Groupon, Shopify, and Zillow, among many others.

affiliate management platform

To effectively communicate with your affiliates based on their players’ behavior, player segmentation brings you endless ways to group your players. Affiliates can work with multiple deals and managers can create player segments and use them for affiliates to acquire special and multiple offers. With Purply, you gain access to a service that has already generated over $1 billion in affiliate sales for its current users. Hence, in order to avoid such scenarios, it would be better to advise your referrals to use your affiliate link whenever they visit your website for purchasing the products.

How Affiliate Software Creates Opportunities for Growth

PayKickstart wants to ensure you receive all the help you need with its extensive customer support. You have access to detailed guides, an in-depth knowledge base, a development roadmap, a help desk, and a 24/7 live chat option. There are also several competitive services to enjoy that relate to affiliates, members, and subscriptions. CAKE offers an excellent selection of features, from a customizable white-labeled interface to auditable information trails. Additionally, the platform works with over a dozen partners to provide extra streamlining and automation options.

If you’re running a business that works on an e-commerce or SaaS platform, Tapfiliate can integrate with your site seamlessly without much effort from your team. The affiliate autopilot systems can onboard new partners, or you can do so manually. Tools for the latter include sending invites and sharing on social media or via drip campaigns. There are other solutions you can also look at, such as marketing tools, business development, and analytics.

  • We work with just 6000 of the top affiliates in the world so you can be confident in our management coupled with their abilities.
  • You can also create discount codes and host contests to motivate your affiliates.
  • You can choose a Startup option for new businesses or Enterprise for massive companies.
  • Other affiliates can join your network through an automated email welcoming them via a page hosted by LeadDyno.
  • Points to remember while setting up the Affiliate system on the merchant’s dashboard.

PartnerMatrix gives both managers and affiliates access to a growing portfolio of payment and withdrawal methods via MoneyMatrix built-in integration. We provide a mix of both observational and actionable data to prepare you for your next move better. Through our affiliate software, you can observe what has worked for others and how to apply that success to your business model. We match businesses and partners together based on mutual benefits. We create full profiles to represent your brand, and we do all the work to find you the best possible fit.

Affiliate Management System

Known today as CJ Affiliate, its platform provides access to hundreds of markets and brands for your network in one place. It has a vast selection of reports to choose from, showcasing more results than most of its competitors. You’ll also find enhanced engagement through its variety of website configurations.

Must-Have Features of Affiliate Software

Affiliate marketing is one of the most powerful tools in your digital marketing toolkit. A successful affiliate marketing campaign can help you find exceptionally affiliate management system high-quality leads without extraneous advertising costs. Accurate performance tracking is the key to measuring the success of your affiliate campaigns.

Learn everything you need to know about affiliate marketing and find new ways to drive business growth through partnerships. Unlike a traditional affiliate network, our branded affiliate sign up links allow you to onboard exclusive partners that are not listed in a public affiliate marketplace. We have generated over $22 million for our clients using our carefully-selected affiliate networks. Over the years, we’ve analyzed a wealth of digital marketing data to identify the most effective strategies. Unlike other agencies, we have an in-depth understanding of what makes a successful marketing channel that’s built on real data, not best guesses. We work with just 6000 of the top affiliates in the world so you can be confident in our management coupled with their abilities.

Comprehensive tracking

Affiliate marketing and search engine optimization both share a common goal of attracting relevant and high-quality traffic to a site with the goal of increasing sales. The basic plan starts at $47 per month , while the professional plan is billed at $97 per month. Real-time data analysis to analyze conversion timing and viewing performance across any metric. The price of Refersion’s paid plan starts at $89 a month, which is quite reasonable compared to other prices on this list. Advanced commission structures – customize commission rates based on the product.

What does an Affiliate Manager Do?

Unlike many other affiliate marketplaces, partners on the EverXChange platform have a track record of bringing great results. The modern interface makes the platform easy and intuitive to use. There are also a bunch of tutorials covering all the main features. Plug & Play integrations guarantee that you get measurable results by automating your performance, giving you better control over different campaigns in a single dashboard. It supports WordPress, Shopify, and Squarespace, just to name a few. This software focuses solely on Stripe payouts, so if you want to work with LinkMink, it’s important that your company uses Stripe.

Their software also makes it easy to run AB tests and see which campaign setups work the best. Also, with Zapier integration, you can connect TrackingDesk with over 1,000 different apps and services to use your campaign data in whatever way you see fit. Like most affiliate marketing software, Post Affiliate Pro offers excellent link and sales tracking. Where it really shines is in its staggeringly large toolkit of extended features. For example, their promotional materials are second to none with extensive features for different types of banners and rotators for affiliate sites.

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