Best Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways For Woocommerce

NowPayments comes as a complement to the various fees set by other best cryptocurrency payment gateways. The Platform currently gains popularity by accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, and over 100 other cryptos. It provides merchants additional cryptocurrency payment tools, such as API, invoices, donation widgets, buttons, and CMS plugins.

CryptoCurrency Payment Gateway

First off, the use of innovative technologies can result in attracting more customers who are forward-thinking and actively deal with digital assets. Payment systems using crypto are developing every day, enabling users to make payments without significant risks and high bank fees. Coinbase can be used both as a payment gateway as well as a regular exchange. This ensures instant conversion without the users needing to request a withdrawal. The exchange offers this functionality completely free of charge for the first million transactions, after which they charge a commission fee of 1%.

This will only display as such for 15 minutes, after which it will be shown as “Paid”. A completed transaction form will appear, detailing the order and total paid, as well as the customer’s contact information and shipping information. On the Shipping Page, they will click on the “Continue to payment” button. Then the customer proceeds to the Contact Information and Shipping page.

Crypto Payment Gateway For All Kinds Of Needs

Gateways also make it possible to accept payments in fiat currency. Another method involves using public-key algorithms, also known as asymmetric encryption, and elliptic curve-based signature schemes. It remains to choose the fiat currency in which the prices in your store will be displayed.

It also offers the latest security protocols, including a two-factor authentication system that helps keep your wallet secure. Wallet Payment is a global crypto payment solution that caters to merchants and businesses. It enables businesses to Send, Receive, Store, Exchange, and Accept CryptoCurrency Payments throughout the globe in a matter of minutes, safely, securely, and cost-effectively. Cryptocurrencies can be used to transmit multiple payments to many addresses in a single transaction. Transfer money to PayPal, WebMoney, Perfect Money, and Payeer accounts in a couple of clicks.

You may have noticed that many of the payment gateways on our list integrate with Shopify, including Coinbase Commerce. Note that if you accept cryptocurrency payments via Shopify, you’ll still be charged a Shopify transaction fee unless you also activate Shopify Payments. It is a highly regarded crypto gateway service both among the merchants and the users. One of the most enticing features of payWALA is that it allows receiving payment directly in Euro or any other fiat currency.

NOWPayments supports 21 national currencies, crypto payment api for example, USD, EUR, AUD, etc. He sends you a sum equal to the digital currency’s fair market value at the moment of the transaction. Check out the three most common mistakes merchants make when choosing payment methods to strengthen your chances for success. You can use a wallet app to send and receive coins to a recipient. Are you looking to add a cryptocurrency payment gateway to your WooCommerce store? Cryptocurrencies are very popular these days, and you can accept crypto payments in your WooCommerce store just like regular payments.

Choosing a cryptocurrency payment processor should be a wise decision, but remember that some critical points may be overlooked later. In order to accept cryptocurrency with Woocommerce Stripe Gateway, you must first install and activate the plugin. Once the plugin is activated, you will need to connect your Stripe account to your Woocommerce store. After your Stripe account is connected, you will need to configure your Woocommerce settings to accept cryptocurrency payments. Finally, you will need to add a payment gateway to your Woocommerce store to accept cryptocurrency payments. These companies remove any uncertainties or reservations you might have with cryptocurrency and allow you to offer more payment options.


Those that wish to apply for a merchant account and a cryptocurrency payments can begin the process today by filling out EMB’s quick and easy online application. Although we cannot guarantee approval, we do promise an open and straightforward application process. Paying with crypto has become a popular way for merchants to accept payments.

Secured transactions allow you to accept payments from anywhere and anytime. Shopify gateway is an e-commerce payment gateway and is one of the most trusted ones in the crypto market today. It can be easily synchronized with your debit card with just the click of your finger.

All feedback, positive or negative, helps us to improve the way we help small businesses. Finally, you’ll also want to familiarize yourself with custody issues and be sure you or a trusted party hold the security keys for your crypto. Each network has its own security solutions, with different consensus methods used to keep everyone honest. That said, smaller networks, in particular, can be vulnerable to what’s called a 51% attack. In essence, this is when an individual or a conspiracy of individuals controls 51% or more of a network’s mining (or validators/staking pools in the case of proof of stake networks). While not writing about productivity and the latest tech news, he loves to play Splinter Cell and binge-watch Netflix/ Prime Video.

Blockonomics is an integrated service with many other websites, including WooCommerce. A digital wallet will be used instead of traditional credit cards. You need to open a merchant account to start accepting crypto immediately. The wallets can be either single currency or multi-currency wallets. The cryptos received can be converted into fiat anytime by approaching the merchant’s payment service provider or a crypto exchange. Crypto payments do not have any chargebacks and can be rapidly processed.

The 8 Best Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways

Store your assets using your PayPax account wallet with no fees, or exchange your crypto online. Withdrawing cryptocurrencies in euros or dollars can cost you more. Voila, the payment is completed and you will receive an instant confirmation to ship out customers’ goods!

We’re called CoinPayments, and it’s easy to start accepting crypto payments today by using our one-of-a-kind platform. Additionally, you’ll want to find a cryptocurrency payment gateway that offers easy website integration. If you’re planning to send cryptocurrency, make sure you keep track of volatility. You can quickly get a new set of funds if you send the bottom amount. The majority of states have yet to officially recognize cryptocurrencies, though El Salvador is the only one that has done so.

  • On a worldwide scale, it’s the second popular cryptocurrency today.
  • If you choose wisely, you can get started quickly in your crypto payments career.
  • Since it is a shortcode, you can insert it into any of your pages with the Gutenberg shortcode block or through the text editor.
  • Cryptocurrency has been around for a while now but it’s only in recent times that it has become popular among people who are looking for an alternative to fiat-backed currencies.
  • ScanPay customers can also make safe payments at any time and from any location.
  • PayPal doesn’t charge a fee when you use the Checkout with Crypto feature, though it does charge a spread for buying and selling cryptocurrency through its Cryptocurrency hub.

Thanks to this, you can effectively accept payments on any website, in an application, or even on social media. Shobhit Seth is a freelance writer and an expert on commodities, stocks, alternative investments, cryptocurrency, as well as market and company news. With this plugin, anyone with any wallet can send you crypto payments. To make your customers happy and increase conversion, you can offer cashback. This cashback will be in pay rewards, and you will have total control over it.

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It’s important to note that digital currency payment gateways are not required. CoinGate is a highly popular cryptocurrency payment gateway that offers a customer-oriented checkout environment for seamless cryptocurrency payment. Besides cryptocurrencies, it allows merchants to accept traditional currency payments like USD, Euros, and so on.

CryptoCurrency Payment Gateway

BitPay attempts to shield businesses from volatility by locking in the exchange rate at the time of sale. With this system, it’s possible to take a crypto payment but never actually have the crypto pass through your hands unless you want to be paid out in cryptocurrency. With cryptocurrency gaining acceptance in many markets, merchants may be curious about how to find a crypto payment processor or implement a cryptocurrency payment system. Spicepay is a highly secure payment gateway and a convenient exchange platform where one can exchange crypto for a wide range of fiat currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP, and CAD. The integration of the payment gateway is easy, and it allows for the withdrawal of funds through PayPal or SEPA wire transfers. Spicepay also offers digital tools to facilitate online donations in cryptocurrency.

Fiat transactions are limited and strictly controlled in most countries, but nothing like this happens in the crypto market. Cryptocurrency payments are essentially the same as regular online fiat payments, just with a virtual currency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. The difference between fiat vs crypto payments is how they are paid.

Cryptocurrency Payment Options

During this time, developers have found solutions for the problems that stayed to develop digital asset payments. Retailers, consumers, and enterprises are increasingly accepting cryptocurrency payments. While it is possible to send cash manually, payment gateways make it much easier to accept cryptocurrency payments. This saves the time and effort of manually copying and pasting addresses and making errors.

Best Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways For 2022

These individuals see cryptocurrency not just as an asset but also as an investment in infrastructure that takes banks and credit card networks out of the equation. This platform supports more than 70 CryptoCurrency Payment Gateway cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. CoinGate stores most cryptocurrencies in secure Cold Storage and charges a 1% transaction fee on all transactions.

You receive the funds in the account with your provider, who transfers them to you. A payment gateway removes the anonymity of who you’re dealing with while maintaining your customer’s preference for it. Clover offers intuitive hardware and software for just about any business type, including both retail and food service.

With PayPax wallet, you can receive electronic money and accept cryptocurrency from anyone globally. Transfer your account balance to other cryptocurrency and electronic money wallets at any moment. CoinSplit features allow users to receive parts of payments in cryptocurrencies and parts in fiat like USD and EUR. ALFAcoins can be easily exchanged into fiat currencies like USD or EUR and other cryptocurrencies and transferred to the respective bank accounts of users.


A cryptocurrency debit or credit card may also be used to make fiat payments using cryptocurrency that is held in a connected account. However, cryptocurrency can simplify the process of exchanging money between two parties. In the case of crypto payments, customers are inevitably redirected to their digital wallets, so to accomplish the payment. Coinbase Commerce allows merchants to accept multiple cryptocurrency payments from global customers. This platform refines the payment process as it drastically decreases the number of intermediaries involved. With the use of blockchain technology, all payments are strongly encrypted and therefore so much more secure than using traditional online payment gateways.

Some crypto gateways come with hidden costs and high fees; neither of these are necessities, as there are gateways that only incur minimal costs overall. On the other hand, a cryptocurrency payment gateway is just like a regular payment gateway, but it handles cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and various altcoins. It is designed to securely record Bitcoin wallet addresses and similar crypto information to facilitate online transactions with coins.

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